Flag red, white and green
Name (national language) Magyar Köztársaság
Official designation (English) Republic of Hungary
Location Europe
Area 93,030 km²
(35,919 sq mi) 
Population 10,020,000 (2009)
Population Density 107.7 inhabitants/km²
Capital Budapest (47°26´N19°15´E)
Form of Government Parliamentary Republic
Administrative Structure 19 counties
Official Language Hungarian
Currency Forint (HUF)
Time Zone CET/DST
Member of International Organisations UNO, OECD, NATO, OSCE, EU, Council of Europe
Calling Code +36
GDP (PPP) per capita $15,522 (per capita)
Internet TLD .hu
Date formats yyyy.mm.dd,
yyyy.mm.dd (CE)
Drives on the right
Ethnic groups 95% Magyar (Hungarian), 2% Roma, 3% other minority groups